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Brenna Donovan
Brenna Donovan
I’ve been in here multiple times and highly recommend it to anyone looking for some amazing nail art!
Lisa Witkowski
Lisa Witkowski
This morning, I thought it was the worst thing ever to be from out of town and have to guess based on a few reviews where to go for this kind of service. Now I understand that the worst thing is to live in New York and not be able to get my nails done here more often. Cindy did amazing work on my gel extensions! Such beautiful shaping, such attention to detail. I am in love with my nails. In LOVE!
Jasmine B
Jasmine B
Kay does an absolutely amazing job every time I go here. I can’t thank him enough for how amazing he makes my nails look. Took one star off just because I only do dip and there are not a lot of dip color options.
Aya.H B
Aya.H B
I liked my experience there Brian did my nails and he was very efficient and quick and precise
Samantha Smith
Samantha Smith
Wendy is the truth!

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