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Our Team Membership is designed to assist you with every aspect of your web hosting business. Whether it's the WordPress website builder system, domain reseller services, or cPanel hosting, our community is here to provide core support and help you optimize your operations. By joining this membership, you will gain access to a range of valuable benefits, including:
  • 1. Web Hosting Business Complete Network Installation Service: We will handle the entire installation process for your web hosting network, ensuring a seamless setup that meets your business requirements.
  • 2. Lifetime Software, Plugins, and Themes: You will receive essential software, plugins, and themes that are necessary for the smooth functioning of your network. These resources will be yours for a lifetime, without any recurring fees.
  • 3. Online Courses for WordPress Website Builder: To help you become familiar with the WordPress website builder system, we offer comprehensive online courses. These courses will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to leverage the full potential of the platform.
  • 4. Ongoing Support and Troubleshooting Assistance: As a member, you can rely on our continuous support to troubleshoot any issues that arise in your web hosting business. We are committed to helping you overcome challenges and maximize your success.
  • 5. Full Access to Premium Themes and Templates: Gain full access to our premium theme and template collection available in our shop. This enables you to enhance the visual appeal and functionality of your websites, providing a professional edge to your services.
With our Team Membership, you can confidently develop and grow your web hosting business, knowing that you have a dedicated support system behind you. Let us empower you to achieve your business goals and deliver exceptional hosting services to your customers.

The price for membership is $2,500.00 now and then $250.00 per Month.

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